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Emmy Starr Designs

Having grown up in a house full of creative people, I always knew I liked to make beautiful things. Whether building a cardboard box dollhouse, molding a pinch pot bowl, or even performing an interpretive dance, I always liked creating. And then, one day, my jewelry-making mother and sister brought me to a local bead shop, and Emmy Starr Designs was born.
I am drawn to simple designs made with classic sterling silver and timeless gemstones. Nothing too glitzy or showy, just lovely stones in graceful designs. I want my work to be comfortable and easy for women to wear, whether it's a day at work or a weekend date night out with friends. Jewelry should be a subtle compliment to a woman's individual beauty, and the delicate nature of ESD pieces echo that belief.
My most beautiful creations are, by far, my adorable four kids, original works with my charming husband. We are all happily from Wilton, CT.